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With a career that recognizes him as one of the most outstanding representatives of the great Venezuelan guitar school, Maestro Luis Quintero comes to Margarita to share his knowledge in a master class that will be offered at the Conservatorio de Música y Danza Alberto Requena (Alberto Requena Conservatory of Music and Dance), located in Los Robles, on Friday, October 27, from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. The class will take the form of a didactic concert in which Maestro Quintero will pay tribute to the centennial of the birth of two great exponents of the guitar, Maestros Alirio Díaz and Rodrigo Riera, both born in 1923. Díaz’s arrangements for the instrument and Riera’s compositions will be the topics that Maestro Quintero will cover in his class.  

The following day, October 28, at 5:00 p.m., the same hall will host the concert entitled Nostalgia Venezolana (Venezuelan Nostalgia), in which Maestro Quintero will perform some of the most important works of the guitar repertoire, led in this case by the Gran Sonata Eroica (Great Heroic Sonata) by the Italian composer and guitarist Mauro Giuliani. This repertoire also includes pieces by the Spanish composers Isaac Albéniz, Joaquín Malats and Francisco Tárrega, the Paraguayan Agustín Barrios, the French Roland Dyens and, of course, the Venezuelan Antonio Lauro. The varied program also includes other composers, such as the Argentinean Astor Piazzolla and the Cuban Ernesto Lecuona, as well as an important selection of our popular and folkloric music, with works by Ovelio Riera, Antonio Carrillo, Heraclio Fernández and Ignacio Figueredo, as well as the aforementioned Lauro. It concludes with a Pajarillo arranged by Quintero himself.

Major stages in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa have celebrated the refined technique, the extraordinary musicality and the superb virtuosity that characterize the art of Maestro Luis Quintero. He is a regular guest at the most important international guitar festivals and serves as Artistic Director of the International Guitar Festival and Soloists of the World Academy. Awards such as the Antonio Lauro Biennial for Professional Performers and the Rodrigo Riera Competition, as well as distinctions such as the José Félix Ribas Order and the dedication of works by outstanding Venezuelan composers, are some of the recognitions and honors received by this Venezuelan musician, who was part of the first graduating class of the Graduate Guitar Chair at the Juilliard School, the prestigious New York Conservatory. In the words of Maestro Alirio Diaz, Luis Quintero “exalts the Venezuelan, Latin American and universal art, born in the guitar as the most natural flowers of the tree of music”.

The ArtesanoGroup Foundation and its allies, the Alberto Requena Conservatory of Music and Dance, the Artesano Global Foundation and the Carreño Foundation of the United States, committed to the training of young talents and the dissemination of musical art, make possible the presence of Maestro Quintero in our island. 

Luis Quintero In Margarita

Friday, October 27, 2023

Master Class
Time: 3:00 a 6:00 p.m.
Place: Conservatorio de Música y Danza Alberto Requena, Los Robles, isla de Margarita

Saturday, October 28th, 2023

Music Concert
Time: 5: p.m.
Place: Conservatorio de Música y Danza Alberto Requena, Los Robles, isla de Margarita

Limited capacity – for more information call 0424 849 3858