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Artesano Global Foundation

Promoting, fostering, and disseminating Venezuela’s cultural and identity values, both nationally and internationally, is the main goal of our foundation. We firmly believe that culture plays a significant role in enhancing social welfare and that it is a strategic sector for productive development
Our headquarters, located in Atamo Sur, La Asunción,

Nueva Esparta state, Venezuela.

ArtesanoGroup Foundation, is a non-profit organization that, since its establishment in 2003, has been working on the design and development of projects aimed at promoting artistic creation and the preservation and diffusion of Venezuelan traditions and other socio-cultural manifestations, establishing strategic alliances with national and international institutions and companies. This work, through the program Hacedores de País (Country Makers Program), was recognized in 2008 with the certification as a UNESCO Center.

We firmly believe in the critical importance of forming alliances with individuals, groups or organizations that share common interests and goals in order to achieve the greatest possible social impact; and we are convinced that sharing the fruits of teamwork is very rewarding. From the island of Margarita, we project ourselves to the world and build bridges through the Artesano Global Foundation

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