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The El Cercado Ceramics Workshop School: an exhibition of self-reflection

As the restoration of its physical infrastructure advances, the El Cercado Ceramics Workshop School offers a dedicated space to showcase a series of photographs representing its accomplishments. This exhibition allows the school to take a look at itself, reflect on its progress and celebrate its achievements. The eleven images comprising the exhibition inaugurated on August 19th offer an eloquent graphic testimony of the centuries-old process of making earthenware, a defining activity of this hard-working island town. The photographs, accompanied by informative panels, allow us to observe the various activities undertaken since 2016 which appear in the publication of the book, La alfarería popular de El Cercado. Isla de Margarita (Popular Pottery of El Cercado. Margarita Island) by researcher Nelly Barbieri, published by Fundación ArtesanoGroup, with the collaboration of Cerámica Carabobo and Banesco. Our ArtesanoGroup Foundation, creator of the donation, will include a photo gallery at the exhibition showcasing the master potters who dedicated their lives to this tradition and whose teachings have left their mark on today’s potters.